What do Our Customers Have to Say?

We recognize that many heating and air conditioning companies attempt to earn your business by augmenting their successes, concealing their failures, and promising every under the heavens. We do our best to present our company and our service in the most sincere way possible. We find that sometimes it’s best to let someone else do the talking.


With that philosophy in mind, here’s what our customers have to say.

The service man caught a potentially serious problem before it happened as well as servicing my heating and air conditioning units. He was clean, neat, courteous and quite knowledgeable. I was very satisfied with his work. He arrived right on time and went right to work. First he checked the AC out of doors and then put booties on for the inside work. He was very thorough.


Patricia D. - Yorba Linda

My AC stopped blowing cold air and I thought it would be super expensive to fix. Air Care's technician discovered that I had a slow coolant leak and fixed it. It was very inexpensive and the technician was friendly, professional and quick. I've been using Air Care for a long time now and have always been satisfied with their service. I will continue to use their service in the future.


Ed H. - Irvine

We had a new gas furnace and programmable thermostat installed after our old furnace finally gave out. Also, two months later, we had the A/C evaporative coil replaced when it too bit the dust. We were pleased with the company's promptness in arriving after we phoned them. They diagnosed and explained the problems with our old units and helped us decide on which replacements to purchase. The guys who did the actual installations were very professional and did a great job.


Thomas R. - Irvine

I give them credit for taking the time to call and discuss the issue. The guy who called, Jimmie, actually seemed concerned about why I was upset. Even though the issue was a year ago, he still brought up the exact details. He didn't argue about my concerns, didn't say "our techs don't do that," but understood why I was upset and offered a refund for the money spent directly with Air Care and assured me that part of their practices is to discuss the price with the patron before purchase. I am changing my review because I think that mine was an isolated incident.


Evie P. - Anaheim Hills

We had been told by a large HVAC contractor that our system was dead and needed to be replaced, and quoted us $17,000. I would never think about making a purchase that large without obtaining additional quotes. We called Air Care for a free quote after they were recommended by a neighbor. Their technician arrived promptly and got right to work. After looking at the system he gave me news I would not have expected in a million years, he told me my system was fine and all I needed was a new thermostat wire. I couldn’t believe it! This man knew I was looking to replace my system and I had told him what I was looking to spend, he could have easily sold me a new system worth thousands of dollars but instead provided me with a repair quote for only a couple hundred. To say I was fascinated by his level of integrity would be an understatement. We will never use another HVAC contractor again!


Phillip W. - Anaheim Hills

I purchased an Angie's List deal for an AC tuneup with this company, and they were terrific. My husband HATES heat and while we live fairly close to the ocean, if it gets above 72 he's unhappy. I thought it would be a good idea to have the AC looked at before it got too warm just in case - we've only owned the house for about 14 months and really don't know what kind of shape the AC was in. Tech came out for the agreed checkup, on time. He topped off the coolant for a fee, and wrapped one of the feed lines in insulation (it had been bare and tended to ice up). Otherwise, he said the system was fine. We just had to have them out again after our power failed and the AC blew its fuses on one of the hottest days of the year. My hubby had replaced the fuses but couldn't get the compressor to start up. Called Air Care and they had a tech out (same guy, amazingly!) within an hour, even though they must have been very busy. He diagnosed the problem in 5 minutes (apparently the cover for the fuse box also acts as a fuse, and dummy hubby had left it off so the system didn't start up) and we were only charged the service call fee. My husband said it was a $60 lesson for being an idiot. You guys are great - I would have had to commit murder if the AC had been out much longer due to all the whining from my husband.


Wendy J. - Newport Beach

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